What are my elderly care options during the COVID-19 crisis?

An article posted by Debbie Harris MD of Autumna – May 13th, 2020
Will my mum be safe in a care home during the Coronavirus pandemic?
“I don’t think my mum is safe on her own at home anymore, but with the COVID crisis, I think she might be in more danger in a care home. What should I do?”
This is actually a question we’re being asked, in one form or another, on the Autumna elder care advice line fairly regularly at the moment. There are slight variations in the actual circumstances of each case, but in general, the safety of care homes during the coronavirus pandemic is, not surprisingly becoming, a very big issue for people with elderly loved ones.
People are worried about the safety of care homes during the covid crisis
What is the safest elderly care option? If you want to read more follow the link.
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