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Overall Experience Overall Experience5 out of 5
My elderly mother sadly had a fall in September 2000 which resulted in a hospital stay (which she nearly didn’t survive) followed by over 2 years in Platinum Nursing Care. During her last few years, Mum was no longer the active, capable person I had previously known and she required a lot of care. I
must say that I always found the staff at Platinum very kind and helplful to me, other members of the family and, of course, my mother. Mum died at the end of 2022 and I miss her greatly but I’m comforted to know that she was well cared for during those last couple of years at Platinum. My niece, who is a carer by profession, visited mum at Platinum on a weekly basis (Covid allowing) and also believed Mum was being looked after well. My thanks to all the staff involved in caring for my mum.
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